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The 15th annual Biometrics conference and exhibition was held in London on October 29-31st, 2012. The event is the leading international forum for the biometrics industry to showcase their latest products and expertise. In general, Biometrics 2012 reviewed the latest standards, government policies and outlined what needs to be done to ensure broader practical implementation of the technology. With all the main players in the industry attending, including solution providers, system integrators and technology developers, the event provided a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art within biometric, smart card and related ID solutions.

During the event, the GINI representative attended the exhibition on October 30-31st, engaging in discussions with a number of possible operators and/or relying parties such as AUTHASAS, WCC, Cross Match, DigitalPersona, etc. The event produced an improved understanding of how authorisation and authentication could be separated for different services. This would enhance users’ ability to manage their own digital identity and related personal data.

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