Description of work

Project Work Plan and Work Packages

The GINI - S.A. has a clear manageable work plan detailed in work packages (WP), which will run in parallel over the whole duration of the project.

WP1: The GINI Conceptual Framework

WP2: The Technology Dimension of the INDI Domain

WP3: The Legal and Regulatory Dimension of the INDI Domain

WP4: The Privacy Dimension of the INDI Domain

WP5: Synthesis and Recommendations

WP6: Stakeholder Engagement, Constituency Building and Dissemination

WP7: Project Management




The GINI-SA consortium is well-balanced, consisting of 8 partners from 6 European countries namely Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Greece and Finland. GINI-SA brings together complementary expertise existing in different organisations, featuring the participation of...


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